Wizkid Net Worth In Dollars & In Naira 2023


Wizkid is a well-known name, but few Nigerians know him as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, Forbes ranks Wizkid 5th among the top musicians today. Wizkid’s net worth is $12 Million in dollars approximately ₦4,943,051,124 in Naira. This is a good sign that wizkid has not been doing poorly on an international scale. The young musician is competing with some of the world’s best musicians today.

Wizkid Net Profile

Today, we will have a discussion on wizkid’s net worth and all things related to this musician. We will also look at his net worth in Nigerian naira as well as in dollars.

This page will provide information about the investments and endorsements of Wizkid.

Let’s begin by telling you how much Wizkid’s net worth is in 2023 dollars and Naira.


Did you know that wizkid was recently ranked number 10 on the channel’s list of most successful musicians? This is not surprising considering wizkid has one of the largest followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Wizkid was actually one of the first Nigerian celebrities ever to reach 1 million followers on Twitter.

Wizkid Biography

Ayodeji Ibrahim, also known as wizkid, was born in Lagos State in southwest Nigeria. Many Lagosians know him as the Surulere street boy who rose to fame in a blink of an eye.


you may be wondering why Wizkid has Ibrahim in his name, it is because his father is an Islamic practitioner and his mother is a Christian. The young musician is now a practicing Christian, which indicates his mother’s influence.

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Wizkid is blessed with many sisters, as his father had three wives. You will also agree that Wizkid comes from a polygamous family.

Wizkid Education

Wizkid fans don’t know that wizkid had dropped out of school (UNILAG) to pursue his musical career.

For most people, it won’t be enjoyable to combine business and school. Despite wizkid’s many years of schooling, he eventually returned to school.

Although he attended Lead City University and took classes, the young musician could not combine his studies with his work, so he dropped out while pursuing his musical career.

Although we still believe that he may return to school one day, most Nigerians will not be able to help but say, “who will help?” lol.

Wizkid is known for being the street boy Ojuelegba. He hustled and prayed to God for his blessings on his life. If you’ve ever seen his song, Ojuelegba, then you’ll understand exactly what he went through.


Endorsement Deals

Pepsi signed him in 2012 for $350,000. Did you know that Wizkid extended this contract for an additional two years?

Globacom brand ambassador for N128 million: This deal was signed in 2015.

Dolce & Gabbana $10,000: This international deal has to do with a fashion show.

Nike: Do You Remember the 2018 World Cup? Yes, wizkid was indeed paid handsomely for his promotion of that jersey. Others are with CIROC

Assets (Houses & Cars)

Wizkid is the top Nigerian celebrity when it comes to investing in landed properties. It is believed that he has a home in the United States.

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Based on the evidence, we will state facts.

Wizkid has a house in Lagos’s high-end areas. In fact, his house in lekki is estimated to have a value of about 13 million Naira.

You might also be interested to know that wizkid purchased a house in Los Angeles around the middle of 2016, which cost him a staggering fifteen million dollars.

We heard recently that a successful musician had just purchased a house in Banana Highland, Lagos. However, we are yet to confirm this claim, so please stay tuned while we verify it.

Wizkid Cars

Wizkid is believed to have many cars in his garage, which he shows to his fans in the selfies he posts on his Instagram.

Here is a list of cars Wizkid owns;

  • Black Honda Accord I – VTEC (N8 Million).
  • Hyundai Sonata (N6 Million).
  • Mercedes Benz 2012 Compressor vehicle (N10 million).
  • BMW X6 (N11 Million).
  • Porsche Panamera (N13 Million) (was involved in an accident).
  • Bentley car (N45 Million).
  • Porsche Cayenne (N18 million).

Wizkid Private Jet 2023

Wizkid owns a private plane? This is a topic of heated debate. It is one thing to own a private jet, but it costs more to maintain it. Wizkid currently doesn’t have a private plane, but he does fly on a chartered aircraft.

Wizkid Net worth In Dollars & In Naira

He has amassed a total net worth amount of $12 Million in 2023. He has been able to gather a huge amount through his big record deals with the record label companies.

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