Omah Lay Biography, Net Worth, Age, Lyrics, Controversy, & Recognition

Omahs Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition
Omahs Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Omah Lay is a 26-year-old Nigerian singer who has attracted attention with his introspective, hedonistic music. After his single “You went viral” in 2020, the musician won fans with his thoughtful lyrics and experimental beats.

In case you are among those who have been asking questions like Who is Omah Lay? Is Omah Lay a Nigerian? And when did he start singing? Where did Omah Lay come from? here is all you need to know about the young star.

Profile Summary

Full Name Omah Stanley Didia
Date Of Birth 19th May 1997 (age: 26 years)
Age 26 (as of 2023)
Birthplace Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Occupation Singer, songwriter, producer
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $200,000 (as of 2023)
Twitter @Omah_Lay
Instagram @Omah_Lay
Facebook @Omah_Lay

Omah Lay Biography

Omah Stanley Didia, also known as Omah Lay, was born on May 19, 1997, in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria, where he was also raised. He is from a musical family and had his grandfather as an instrumentalist who played for Celestine Ukwu before his death in 1976. In fact, he is the outcome of his family’s vision, as his own father was a drummer, yet the family wasn’t broadcast on-air until Omah lay Arose.

Omahs Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Omah Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Omah Lay attended comprehensive high school in River State, after which he joined the University of Port Harcourt, Uniport.

What Is Omah Lay’s Real Name?

His full name is Omah Stanley Didia.

Is Omah Lay From Nigeria?

Yes, the artist was born on May 19th, 1997 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He spent his childhood in Port Harcourt.


Omah Lay went to Comprehensive High School in Rivers State, where he graduated. He went on to attend the University of Port Harcourt.

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Omah Lay Career

When did Omah Lay start singing? In terms of his career, the young star drew courage from his grandfather’s and father’s performances in music shows, and he began producing music at the age of 15 years old, as well as writing music for different people and enriching them, but it wasn’t until he set up his own.

In June 2019, Onah signed with a record label called Keyqaad for the first time in order to further his career.
This alone made him the most popular and also made his move from Port Harcourt to Lagos.

Omahs Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Omah Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Meanwhile, he is currently signed to the Dvpper Music record label. It took him seven months to get ready for his next song release, which was the EP “Get Layed,” after which more was released.

Who Is Omah Lay Signed To?

Omah Lay signed with the record label KeyQaad in June 2019. The move made him leave Port Harcourt for Lagos for the first time. He is currently signed to the Dvpper Music record label.

Omah Lay Songs

He has had his music described as introspective and hedonistic, which corresponds with the collection of alt-pop production crafted by the artist himself at times. He responded to the public about the course on which he had to have his music style during an interview in which he expressed his intention of taking afrobeat as his own strong part of the action without allowing it to be in the box.

Omahs Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Omah Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Though there are other styles he would want to participate in, such as reggae, his preferred music style is afrobeat.

However, his single songs were;

  1. Hello Brother (2019)
  2. Don’t Disturb (2019)
  3. Alternate Cut (2020)
  4. Tonight (2020)

While releasing his debut EP “Get Laid” on May 22, 2020, which contains five tracks without character and is said to be a bad influence on you, D*mn, Lo Lo, and Ye ye ye, When he began working on his EP debut, He had to go off social media in order to focus on the release of his first EP debut song, “Bad Influence.” He got it accomplished. It became the best-selling album on Apple Music in the year 2020.

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Omah Lay lyrics

There are many things to say about his lyrics, as they sound interesting and seem to be different from each other. His lyrics are scattered throughout his songs, allowing you to listen to and appreciate his effort and style in setting his lyrics, step by step.

Omahs Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

Omahs Lay Biography Net Worth Age Lyrics Controversy Recognition

The song that was released that helped him showcase his talent in a popular form was that of the D*mn, which set the tone for the rest of his project. Where he presents himself to the public as a self-aware lover boy being loved by a girl regardless of his flaws.

Apart from that, in the pre-chorus, he sings, “Cause you are my Nigga, you are my goon, you are my water, you are my gold, you are my river, you are my road.” And as well as exposing his intention with the song where he made mention of settling down with a girl who caught his affection, this was what he added to that in order to motivate his listeners.

Omah Lay

Omah Lay

Describe his self-awareness and how he never allows it to affect his love life, particularly his attitude towards life and how to focus on his career when it comes to distraction or sharing time with his love life.

Omah Lay Age

According to his date of birth, Omah lay is 26 years old as of 2023 and he was born on May 19, 1997.

Omah lay Net Worth

Omah Lay, whose music has gone viral, is currently among the top richest musicians, with a net worth of about $200,000. This is proof of his success and greatness in his career, which has made him worth the assets he possesses today.

Omah Lay Controversy

While attempting to release his song in 2002, he was arrested by the Ugandan government for failing to follow the law regarding the lockdown and spread of COVID-19.

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He felt they were set up. Two days later, the Ugandan government released the two, apologized for the arrests, and cleared them of wrongdoing. As he continues to gain more recognition from both sides and around the country.

Political Views

Omah lay His political views were best described by his interest in the endsar protest. He expressed his motivation for the high rate at which some of the celebrants and other young Nigerians are being molested by the police and the need to put a stop to it in order for them to have a successful run in their careers in a large way, as he advised the government to know that the youth are seeking their own rights rather than war.


Regarding the aspect of his recognition, his success has made him the first to be featured on African Rising, Apple Music’s new program, which is held to see the progress of talented African youth. and as well, tend to amplify the selected artist to music fans in Africa and around the world, modifying and popularizing the artist as well. However,
Omah Lay was featured as the new artist of the month on Apple Music as of 2020. Alongside his recognition in the March episode of Native Mag, “fresh, fresh meat” as one of the best new artists of the year 2020, he received his award from them.

He is currently signed to Dvpper Music Distribution in Nigeria and Sire Records for international distribution. In 2021, Omah Lay released a new single, “Understand.” Meanwhile, due to the influence of his music, the young star is said to be popular and well known on social media, having made his music career fun and interesting. Omah Lay remains the public show of his family music habit that was kept from the public for years until he had the chance to make it shine and appreciate the gift bestowed on him.

He is still young, yes, yet he is making waves for himself and his career in the music industry, both in Nigeria and abroad.
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