Kirk Frost Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, Wife & Personal life

Kirt Frost
Kirt Frost

Kirk Frost’s biography and wiki provide information about the famous actor, producer, UK Television Presenter, Philanthropist, and social activist. Read this wiki to know the details on Kirk Frost’s early life, film career, net worth, beautiful house, private life, and more.

It was thought many celebrities would regularly showcase some details concerning themselves, mostly when it had to do with rumors from the public.

However, this is all you need to know about Kirk Frost, an American star. who is also a popular rapper in the world, a songwriter, and an entrepreneur that has gained an audience on every of his social media platforms and at the same time made a lot of money from these platforms.

Kirt Frost

Kirk Frost

However, here is where you get to know about his biography, net worth, wife, and other relevant information about him.

Kirk Frost’s Biography

Kirk Frost was born on January 30, 1969, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States to Thomas and Gloria Frost, along with his elder brother, Keith, who passed away.

He attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in fine art. Today, he has a much better chance of becoming well-known than those who came before him.

He is not just a rapper, but rather an American singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. famous for being in the reality show called “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Together with his wife, they made the sky more blue and brighter for their generation.

Kirk Frost’s Career

While moving into his career life as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, he began his career as a rapper in hip hop with Da Kaperz.

He was on his first platinum-selling single, and it was soon swinging my way. Most of his hits have been featured in popular movies and television shows with the following songs: Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Beauty Shop, The Fog, and Day of Wrath.

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The television shows are Cribs, CSI Miami, What Chilli Wants, and Lincoln Heights. Despite his appearance in Momma Dee, he was also a cast member on the VH1 reality TV show Love and Hit Hop in Atlanta.

Aside from just being a show killer, along with his wife Rashedah, he is also a consultant and manager, where he manages his career, fashion design, television personality, and business.

In conclusion, this means that he is not only a show killer or heavily relied on in his social life, but he has also participated in other aspects that have helped him earn a lot of money, namely the business aspect.

Kirk Frost Age

If we are to depend on his date of birth being January 30, 1969, while figuring out his age, we should say that he is currently 53 years old. Isn’t that enough to call him a young successor, including that of his wife?

Who Is Kirk Frost’s Wife?

A question that must be answered to dispel the notion that he is still involved in his previous affairs. While the popular singer has only been married once, to Rasheeda, he had three children with her while they were dating.

Kirt Frost

Kirk Frost

Yes, there is controversy from the public over the reality of their marriage, with some sources claiming that he adopted her at the age of 15 and planned to marry her at the age of 17, which was the period of her close relationship with Kirk that resulted in having a child out of wedlock.

She made the public aware of the fact that their marriage was held when she was already 23 years old, which made the couple’s age much different from each other. She was also born in 1976. 

Rasheeda is also a singer, and a popular one, just like her husband is. Some of her chart-topping hits are Dirty South (2001), A Ghetto Dream (2002), GA Peach (2006), and Dat Type of Gurl (2007). Certified Hot Chick (2009), Boss Chick Music (2012),

Who Was His First Wife?

Having made this clear in the earlier subheading, Kirk Frost had no other wives aside from Rasheeda Bucker, whom he loved, and they shared career similarities as a couple. Yes, she might have lived with her as an adolescent till the point of their marriage in 1999.

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How Many Children Did Kirk Frost Have?

The popular rapper, who has for a long time lived with Rasheeda, is gathering children from different mothers but legally has three with his wife. The songwriter has six children. The Kirk Frost kids are Cherry, Kirk Frost Jr., Kelsie, Ky, Karter, and Kannon.

Cherry, Kirk Jr., and Kelsie were from his relationship with Kellie Harris. Ky and Karter are from his current wife Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s son Kannon are from his affair with Jasmine Washington.

Kirt Frost

Kirk Frost

Kelsie had been closer to her stepmother, Rasheeda W. Buckner, and had been learning most of her career life that today she is an aspiring rapper, growing to be known globally.

How Old Is His First Son?

Bringing this to the light is comparing his fatherhood with his children, where the early engagement into marriage speaks of his appearance with his children. His first son’s age was out of the light as a result of not knowing fully when he was born. This could be a link to his birth out of wedlock.

However, his three other children were born on October 4th, 2000 (22 years old) and his brother, Karter, on August 21st, 2013 (9 years old currently). Jasmine Washington’s son, Kannon, was born in 2016 (currently 6 years old). From their birth, count their age. 

Kirk Frost’s Controversies

His life is known for his controversies, which is normal for most celebrities coming from America and globally. His first controversies stemmed from the period he started dating his wife, Rashedah W. Buckner, up to the point of their marriage.

He was also accused by his wife of having other premarital affairs, and infidelity controversy from her side, especially his affair with Jasmine Washington, a former dancer who had originated from White Plains, New York. She allegedly met Kirk while working as a dancer in 2016. The two secretly had an affair that led to the birth of a son, Kannon Mekhi.

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Well, for years, he was blinded by his son Kanon, which means that he had no knowledge of his son with her, not until some years later when he later embraced him as his family.

Though this scandal brought much controversy among the two couples, they even had to go out of marriage for a while, but have resolved their differences and have come together to live as husband and wife, as they ought to be.

Rasheeda made it clear that her children were the main reason she didn’t ask for a divorce.

Kirk Frost’s Social Media Presence

Looking at the presence of his song and show, Kirk Frost is still a social media fan who commands a massive following of 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 341.4 followers on Twitter with the exposure of his account as followed.

Kirk Frost’s Instagram page is @frost117. His Twitter account is @frost117. However,
without much doubt, he is one of the most popular American artists who has hit higher than those coming before and after him, as he shows in most of his appearances in the media and television shows.

Kirk Frost’s Personal Life

In terms of his personal life, Kirk Frost is legally married to Rasheeda W. Buckner, with whom he had a long relationship before their marriage. He is currently the father of children by different mothers, and he is a well-known social media fan who has attracted many followers and views of his performance.

Kirk frost Networth

As for his net worth, as a popular artist, he is estimated to have a net worth of $60000 thousand as of 2023, the same as his wife, Rasheeda, which forced them to live in a better space and be more comfortable with their children. Adding his and his wife’s net worth. They are happily married and live together.

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