Edwin Chiloba Cause Of Death, Biography, Age, LGBTQ, Net Worth, Real Name, And Family

Edwin Chiloba Cause Of Death
Edwin Chiloba Cause Of Death

Edwin Chiloba is a well-known gay rights advocate and fashion designer. He owned a fashion business called Chiloba Designs in the city of Eldoret, where he also worked to promote LGBTQ+ rights.

Chiloba was in his 20s and originally hailed from the capital city of Nairobi, where he studied fashion before moving to Eldoret in 2019. This information was reported by the BBC.

Edwin Chiloba Biography

On Wednesday, January 4, Edwin Chiloba, a well-known LGBTQ+ activist in Kenya, was found brutally murdered on a road in Uasin Gishu county. His body was discovered in a metal box, reportedly left there by a vehicle without license plates.

Edwin Chiloba Cause Of Death

The motive for the murder is currently unknown, but some human rights organizations in Kenya, where homosexuality is illegal, suspect that Chiloba’s sexuality may have played a role.

A video of Chiloba celebrating with friends on New Year’s Eve circulated online after news of his death spread. In the video, Chiloba is seen wearing the same outfit that he was found in when his body was discovered by the police, who described it as that of a man dressed in women’s clothing.

Edwin Chiloba Cause Of Death


The murder of Kenyan LGBTQ+ activist Edwin Chiloba has stirred up strong emotions and calls for justice within the LGBTQ+ community and human rights organizations in Kenya, where homosexuality is illegal.

The motive behind the killing is not yet clear, but Chiloba’s activism and identity as a gay man have led some to speculate that his sexuality may have been a factor.

In response to the tragedy, people have shared images and videos of Chiloba online in an effort to honour his memory and prevent the spread of graphic images of his dead body.

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It is imperative that the investigation into Chiloba’s murder is thorough and that those responsible be held accountable for this devastating crime.

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